Colt48 is fully cocked and loaded!

Formed in June 2017 by long-time friends and band mates, Adam Jerome and Matt Savini, the London-based two-piece have hit the ground running! The guys have opened for Puddle of Mudd, Crazy Town, Trapt, and Saliva in recent months, and gained 65k+ views on their debut single, “Hate Hate Relationship.” They are releasing their self-titled debut EP on November 2nd and will be touring the world heavily in support of the EP next year.

Rising fusion guitarist JASON KUI streaming entire new album, ‘Absence Of Words’ today!

Hong-Kong based fusion guitarist/composer JASON KUI – who combines modern metal, hard rock, funk and ballad influences while integrating rock lead techniques and compelling melodies – will release his diverse debut album, “Absence of Words,” for the first time outside of Hong Kong this Friday, October 13, 2017 via Prosthetic Records. Today, as a special gift to fans, Kui is streaming his entire new album via YouTube four days early!

ATLAS – “World In Motion

Atlas describes itself as a guitar/keyboard-driven melodic rock band that combines elements of rock, pop, progressive rock, and jazz. Normally that’s a lot for any band to take on; hinting that the members might not have found a comfortable nor identifiable musical niche. Atlas, however, surprisingly pulls it off with amazing results.