“We’re putting the aerosol can on the bonfire, to see what happens.”

Melodies are everything for Afterbliss. The ever-consistent indie rockers are back with their third single, “Remnants,” a complex track which retains their trademark penchant for compelling melody, while forging a path into new territory.

“Remnants” by Afterbliss

“It’s definitely something you can dance to!” said Drummer Ally Pender. “But at the same time, it’s quite melodic.”

Bassist Shane Waldron added, “It’s actually the first song that we all wrote together, with the five of us all in the band, back in 2019. This song has gone through a lot of versions; I feel what we’re releasing now a really good representation of us, and what we can do. It’s us, it’s who we’ve shown ourselves to be already, but it’s also showing more of what we’re capable of, the variety of what we can do.”

Afterbliss formed in 2019 and features members from Ireland, Scotland, and Romania. In addition to Pender and Waldron, the band consists of Evan Cassidy on lead vocals; Alex Burcea on lead guitar, synths and backing vocals; and James O’Gorman on rhythm guitar.


The band’s pride in the track is understandable. Lyrically, “Remnants” is about a relationship which doesn’t play out as hoped, and about those things left unsaid. Previously unexpressed, those words become unleashed, with firecracker-like synth and guitar, and a relentless, galloping beat which holds the track together.

“There’s no messing around with this song. It’s fast. It’s full on. I don’t think that we could have thrown anything else at this song. We’re putting ourselves out there,” Waldron said. “We’re putting the aerosol can on the bonfire, to see what happens.”

“Remnants” was recorded in the legendary Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin (Rolling Stones, U2). It was mixed by Alan Kelly (Kings of Leon, Herbie Hancock), and mastered by Fergal Davis (Muse, Sinead O’Connor).


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