'The Fallout' is scheduled to hit the streets March 5th.

You are not alone.

“We know this year has been really difficult for a lot of people,” said Jack Gurecki, singer for Ignite The Fire.

But heading into 2021, Ignite The Fire is offering a salve for your emotional wounds in the form of their new highly anticipated album, The Fallout, scheduled for release March 5, 2021.

The first single, “Unstoppable,” has paved the way for The Fallout, receiving airplay across the US and overseas. Not surprising then that, “Unstoppable was our fastest streamed song,” said Bassist Holly Smith. “Clearly the fans are hungry for new music.”

The band describes The Fallout as a journey – finding oneself in a dark place and figuring out where to go from there. Sound familiar? No doubt, it will speak to countless fans as they struggle with the obstacles now facing us – from a pandemic to civil unrest.

“We feel like 2021 is the perfect time to release this album,” said Drummer Caelan Gregory. “This is the album that’s really going to speak to what people are feeling. It’s going to help them express their emotions.”

From the rhythmic and intensifying power of “When Giants Fall” to the uplifting and hope-inspiring anthem of “Not Alone,” the album with its nine songs is, “our most diverse and mature sound yet,” said Guitarist Michael Nelson. “Some of the songs are darker, heavier, but we also explore the side of us that writes softer music.”

“We put our heart and soul into this music and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it,” added Guitarist Mark Quinn.

And the world will have a chance to experience The Fallout when it releases March 5th on all digital platforms and physically through the band’s website

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