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"We play rock in it's best and most beloved form."

The band’s bio asks: “What happens when you take Mötley Crüe, mix it with My Chemical Romance and add a twist of insanity?”

The answer is obvious – Murder On The Airwaves!

Murder On The Airwaves will be releasing the band’s new album, Have No Fear, on Friday, Oct. 15, 2021. According to the band, the overall theme of the album offers a message of unity and pertains to living your best life and never letting anybody drag you down because of who you are. Find out more from this exciting and promising new band from the words of Lead Vocalist Johnny Darker.

WHO: Murder On The Airwaves
MEMBERS: Johnny Darker (Lead vocals); Billy Ray King (Guitar); Mat Buckley (Bass); and Aimee Violet (Drums).
WHERE: Manchester, UK
ABOUT: Murder On The Airwaves is a hard rock band that isn’t afraid to wake up the room with loud guitars, dangerous riffs & arena style choruses that will get stuck in your head.


What would you say that your band has to offer that is different from what is out there?

We carry a sense of style alongside an arsenal of big rock songs locked and loaded – when Murder On The Airwaves walk into the venue you instantly know it’s a band; there’s big hair, makeup, leather, boots, pants and even some beards, you name it, this isn’t a plain t-shirt and jeans endeavor! Most importantly, we play rock in it’s best and most beloved form; it’s loud, full of riffs, infectious huge choruses, big harmonies and of course, guitar solos a plenty!

What would you say is the essence behind your band?

It’s that love for rock and roll that fuels this band each and every day – I think collectively we’ve all experienced growing up as the ‘weird kid’ who likes heavy rock music, reflecting this in the clothes that we wear or our hairstyle and then subsequently being bullied for it. This a big driving force behind who we are as a band, it pushes us to create this entity where people can come and feel a part of something and feel like they have somewhere to belong.

How do you compete in today’s market?

It’s quite difficult today because of the sheer amount of material out there and with us now living in a heavily digital world, the way people consume media put in front of them is rapid! We’re constantly looking for ways to cut through the noise and one of the things we do is take rock music and unleash it in it’s most basic form; our live show is constantly getting better and better, we want to give people something to lose their minds to and create a place where for an hour, everybody can forget what negativity lurks outside those walls and have the time of their lives. In the online world, we have a regular presence and engage with the absolutely amazing people who follow this band as much as possible. (Love you, Masqueraders!)

Describe your music. What do you want it to convey?

Our music itself has evolved a lot of the years. In terms of sound, the band started with more punk rock roots but overtime we’ve honed into the hard rock outfit we have today, inspired by some of our favorite bands like Mötley Crüe, Papa Roach, Heavens Basement and loads more. We have a huge melting pot of influences!

The overall message of Murder On The Airwaves is this; we are a band for the weird kids, the outlaws and the ones who feel left behind – because that’s who we are, too. We stand firmly in the belief that you should allow nobody to bring you down or make you feel ‘less than’ because of the way you dress, the things you like, or who you are. Murder On The Airwaves is a place to come to feel at home, to feel accepted and to feel part of a family, whilst having a damn good time to some rock music!

Define some of the goals for the band.

Honestly, in the grand scheme of things, the greatest goal we have is that we wanna be one of the biggest and best bands in the world. We wanna fill out venues with people who, like us, wanna have a good time in a place that feels like home.

On a more personal scale, we definitely have a bucket list of things we want to achieve – ranging from bands we love that we’d like to tour with or playing in venues we grew up visiting! It’d be an absolute dream to play alongside Papa Roach or Mötley Crüe some day!

Etcetera, etcetera!

On Oct. 22, 2021, we are playing our most important show to date at Manchester Academy 3 to celebrate the release of our new album, Have No Fear! Tickets are on-sale now HERE.


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