For a band that has been together for about a year, The Darbies have made a definite impact on the music scene and have garnered a strong following.


Make no mistake about it – The Darbies mean business. They intend to make it – big time – and God help anyone or anything that is standing in the band’s way!

Personal sacrifices have already been made and are now the norm for The Darbies, down to the bare bones of necessity.

“We all live in a van,” the band members stated. “We just have a rehearsal space where we spend most of the time writing and playing. And, sometimes we collect trash for money!”


According to the band’s bio, The Darbies came into existence when brothers Ronny Dave Castro (guitar) and Nico Castro (drums) ventured to Los Angeles to find fellow musicians who shared the same passion for 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Classic Rock. Bassist Joe Galate soon joined the fold after responding to a flyer the brothers had put out and, with the addition of Vocalist Jani Jakko, The Darbies are finally poised for a full rock and roll assault of the senses.


The Darbies stated that the dream and the hunger to make it have kept the band going through difficult times, adding that the belief combined with action will make it come true.

“That’s how The Darbies has managed to sustain itself and be able to have these amazing opportunities,” the members continued. “We were invited to tour across the US with LA Guns twice, and we have been able to work with the best people in the business. Our manager and producer, Alex Kane (Life, Sex & Death, The Ramones, Enuff Z’ Nuff), is the most hard-working dude around and we are blessed to have him on our side.”

And, the audiences keep coming back for more in droves. For a band that has been together for about a year, The Darbies have made a definite impact on the music scene and have garnered a strong following. Thanks to tours in the States and Mexico as well as positive accolades from Billboard and AltPress for the band’s first single, “End Of The Love,” from its first EP, the band keeps growing in popularity, something The Darbies readily appreciate.

“Our fans are f*cking crazy!” said Joe. “I think that fans are what the artist channels to them. The Darbies fans are always ready to rock ‘n roll and be dangerous!”

The Darbies are a young band, some just getting out of their teens while others are in their very early 20’s. Despite their youth, The Darbies want the music to simply equal great Rock ‘n Roll. With some of their influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, to Van Halen and Guns ‘N Roses, the members want to create its own niche that represents their peers.

“It’s about the new generation,” Nico stated, “the youth that carries the torch of Rock ‘n Roll, they are the ones in charge of shaping the world. We are more conscious, more real, happier and wilder, and it’s up to us, the youth, to make the world a loving place for everyone. That’s the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll, and we all have it. We are here to deliver that inspiration and that soul through the music and the message.”

For The Darbies, that also means being original, not copying what others are doing. By bringing something fresh to the table, the audience will keep coming back and continue to grow. Nico said that being real and authentic in the band’s music is what it’s all about.

“It’s important that we all give our original ideas and honesty,” he added. “At the end, we all want the same: To write epic and authentic music. Songwriting is such a fun thing,” Nico continued. “It’s challenging but not complicated, and I think it’s the honesty we put into it musically, the originality that makes these epic songs come alive. To find the sound and have an identity as a band is like a fingerprint – it’s very unique and important.”


The dynamic that is The Darbies could simply start off as a riff that Ronny was jamming to, something Joe had written, or Nico grooving to the drums. Ronny said that lyrics are inspired by life, love, sorrow, fear, passion, poetry, music, plants, people, animals, and the cosmos!

“We follow and listen to each other,” the band members stated. “We would all come to a new part, know what we are all playing, and see where it’s going. Then we get a big picture of what the song is. Lyrics and melodies are often built around that, but sometimes it’s just vocals and guitars like ‘Just Kids’ or ‘Lost in the River,’ which is coming out on our second EP.”

While Joe commented that “everything is weird with The Darbies,” Ronny said that the band’s goals are to rock out, keep touring, and eventually release the second EP.


“We love playing!” Ronny said. “Eventually we will get to the ears and the eyes of the people where we can inspire and that the people can look up and fuel us with their fire. That keeps each other alive – the people out there rocking the f*ck out gives Rock ‘n Roll a meaning, gives us a meaning, and it’s a beautiful feeling.”

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