Album coming in October.

Jake Bowen of Periphery fame has released a new single from his forthcoming album The Daily Sun titled “Say Nothing,” featuring artist Abbi Press on 3DOT Recordings.

“Say Nothing” adds a soulful human touch to Bowen’s new electronic body of work. Lyrically, Press offers a story of loneliness and isolation, a relatable and central theme of living quarantined through a pandemic.

“‘Say Nothing’ is the kind of song I’ve always wanted to write, a vocally driven song with minimalist percussion and lush soundscapes,” said Bowen. “It’s new territory for me since I’ve almost always made instrumental music but collaborating with electronic music artist and singer Abbi Press has opened up a new side of my music that I’m very eager to keep exploring in the future.”

An Austin-based singer-songwriter and producer, Press orbits the realms of Alternative / Downtempo / Indie / R&B with her sound which is fueled by influences like Little Dragon, Solange, Beach House, and Four Tet. Pulling from an alchemical blend of genres, her feature on “Say Nothing” can be found full of unique color and versatility—a captivating dream-like experience punctuated with a dynamic vision all her own. Her contribution helped push Bowen out of his comfort zone, expanding his sonic universe.

“Say Nothing” is the follow up single to “The Daily Sun,” which was released this past July. Both songs will appear on Bowen’s new album set for release Oct. 1, 2021. LP enthusiasts can pre-order the album now HERE as a transparent blue with gold splatter two-piece vinyl gatefold package, limited to a quantity of 300.

Hailing from New York, guitarist and electronic music producer Bowen has been an integral cog in the GRAMMY-nominated progressive metal machine known as Periphery. The band’s 2010 self-titled debut solidified their place in the metal world and helped popularize an exciting new generation of music known as “djent.” In between touring and writing for Periphery, Bowen also composes and releases electronic music under his own name and collaborates with his Periphery bandmate Misha Mansoor on a project called Four Seconds Ago. His first solo project, the Zu EP, was released in 2011 followed by his debut full-length Isometric in 2014 with both re-released in 2021.

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