Album due this October.

Alternative rock band FUEL released the second single, “Don’t Say I,” from the band’s highly anticipated full-length album, ÅNOMÅLY, due in October 2021.

“Don’t Say I” is a modern evolution of the classic FUEL sound. Lead singer John Corsale’s passionate and soulful vocals soar from beginning to end in an impressive display of his talent. Carl Bell’s well-known songwriting combines catchy melodies with powerful, thoughtful lyrics.

John sings, “Just know that I die for your hand and live for your touch, Don’t say I, that I never tried for you, Don’t Say I, that I never loved you…” over the classic sound of the flowing guitar riffs and powerful drums that FUEL fans have come to love and expect.

“‘Don’t Say I’ was written in March,” Bell said in a published interview. “It was actually the last song written for the record. I’m always looking for the no-brainer song that everybody’s going to love, and those are always super hard to find. Anybody who’s a songwriter knows it’s not easy to come up with stuff that people [love]. I think the latest version of that was Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License.” You heard that song the first time, and you just go, ‘I don’t know why I love that song, but it’s so honest because she’s young.’ And you want that song every time, though it’s super hard to find.

“Don’t Say I” follows the release of the debut single from ÅNOMÅLY, “HÅRD.” That song was met with high praise from fans, press and radio.

Currently sitting at #23 on the Mediabase Active Rock Charts, the song is also enjoying airplay on SiriusXM’s Octane as well as many other radio stations across the country.

Bell returns as the principal songwriter, music producer and also mixer on this new record, re-taking the reins as he has in the past with the anthology of previous FUEL hits. The venerable songsmith wrote and recorded the record in his Las Vegas studio with vocals recorded by John Corsale at Soundmine Recording Studio and King Studios in Pennsylvania.

FUEL recently debuted the band’s new lineup with a few live performances and tour dates will be announced soon.

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