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'Seamless' features nine new tracks and three bonus tracks.

After much anticipation, guitar icon George Lynch has finally released his first ever full-length instrumental album, Seamless, available now via Rat Pak Records.

The album can be purchased HERE.

The legendary axe-slinger and songwriter uses his guitar as his voice, crafting not only fiery licks and histrionics, but creating memorable melody lines that can be sung as well as played. Earlier this year, Lynch set the tone with the other worldly lead single “Death By A Thousand Licks,” and listeners can be sure to find more sonic treasures throughout the rest of the album.

Seamless features nine brand new tracks and three bonus tracks from Lynch, who is backed by drummer Jimmy D’Anda and bassist Eric Loiselle on the album.

From the driving guitar riff of album opener “Quiver” to the haunting outro of album closer “Falling Apart,” it is clear Lynch was looking to explore his writing and love for the guitar. Songs like “Cola,” “Sharks With Laser Beams,” and “Supersonic Hypnotic Groove Thing” explore the various musical styles Lynch likes to play while giving him room to experiment with new sounds alongside his signature tone.

The album on all formats includes three bonus tracks that were added to the album after the extra tracks were presented to the label. “Blue Light Effect,” House Of Eternal Return” and “The Weight” also show the musical diversity that only Lynch as a trio can create.

Starting in music in 1977, Lynch has long since been considered one of the most-notable guitar players of all time. His work with Dokken and Lynch Mob have garnered him a legion of devoted fans around the globe. His creativity and musicianship has been showcased on over 50 albums since 1982 and 2022 will mark his 45th Anniversary as a professional musician. Lynch continues to redefine guitar playing and songwriting while showing no signs of slowing down.

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