LAMB BED – A Rocky Mountain kinda high

DATELINE, COLORADO…Land of the Rocky Mountains, snow, skiing, the Broncos….Admittedly, not what you would call a musical hotbed. And why would a band move from Los Angeles to the land of John Denver?

L-R, Derrick Spencer, Kevin Brown, Patrick Brown

DATELINE, COLORADO…Land of the Rocky Mountains, snow, skiing, the Broncos….Admittedly, not what you would call a musical hotbed. And why would a band move from Los Angeles to the land of John Denver?

It’s kind of ironic that any hard rocking outfit would leave behind the fast and furious pace of life in Los Angeles to exist in this tame city called Colorado Springs. But wherever LAMB BED calls home, the band is guaranteed to deliver the highly energized hard rock they have become synonymous for.

“We’ve always been influenced by our surroundings,” stated Kevin Brown. “We’ve always been very much into the vibe and feel of a place, no matter where we lived. While our heart remains in California, and I guess we will go back one day, Colorado is a totally unique, nontraditional atmosphere, just where we need to be right now.”

The twin brothers (guitarist and vocalist Kevin and bassist Patrick) are readily open about coming from a broken home and going to 13 different schools during their lifetime. Along the way they encountered life – complete with drugs, alcohol, deaths of loved ones – and discovered themselves along the way.

Their nomadic existence is what lends itself to music that can be defined as hard-edge rock infused with lyrics tinged of biblical undertones and the everyday tales of life. The band steers clear of many of rocks worse excesses, perhaps something to do with their professed religious leanings. However…

“We try really hard not to preach to anyone,” insisted Patrick, “but we try and judge the whole situation from the same angle as people who listen to our music. It’s like, this is what happened to us, we’ve been there, we understand, we can relate to what you are going through…listen!”

“Everywhere we go they will know they’re not alone in this world… this is your stepping stone for what’s been waiting for you.. And everywhere you go you will know you can do this all on your own… this is your stepping stone.. for RIGHT NOW!!! “ – LAMB BED “Stepping Stone”

The band originally started as most do – just for fun.

“Music was our outlet,” Kevin stated. “Once we heard Twisted Sister, we were hooked. We were listening to almost everything – hardcore, metal, rap, country…It just seemed natural to pick up the instruments and play ourselves.”

LAMB BED is not a party band, nor a grim, overly serious band. The brothers simply write what is on their minds, what they have learned and experienced without the complexity.

“There’s a lot of emotion in our music, though” Patrick explained. “A lot of things have happened in our lives – relationships, dissatisfaction with daily life in general and all the frustration that goes with it…we sing it and we want the listener to feel it and identify with it.”

L-R, Kevin Brown, Derrick Spencer, Patrick Brown

Gearing to release their sixth CD, LAMB BED, along with drummer Derrick Spencer, has stuck with the formula they created. This band is all about range: high to low, loud to soft, religion to drug abuse…no chance to get bored here. But the approach to this music is simply jamming ideas out, according to Kevin, until the perfect sound is born.

“Patrick comes up with songs on his own, and so do I,” Kevin said. “We add or delete things. Yes, there are times we almost kill each other. We jam and it might be an hour-and-a-half of crap, but then there’s that 20 minutes of wonderful that just makes it all worth it. That’s our whole approach and it just makes life easier.”

Kevin also credited Spencer as a solid voice to LAMB BED.

“Derrick is the perfect fit,” he enthused, “and is just as much part of the songwriting and structure as Patrick and me.”

And what, exactly, is a LAMB BED? The brothers said the name came from listening to the music of WASP. Well, kind of.

L-R, Patrick Brown, Kevin Brown, Derrick Spencer
L-R, Patrick Brown, Kevin Brown, Derrick Spencer

“We were trying to come up with a band name. Patrick was listening to WASP one day and kept hearing the word ‘bedlam’ in the lyrics,” Kevin laughed. “So he said, hey, ‘bedlam’ hmmm…let’s switch the words and make it LAMB BED and add a ‘b’ on the end.”

The more they repeated the name, the more it became symbolic of the music.

“The lamb represents the innocence, the Christ, something more of a higher power,” Patrick stated, “while the bed was taking comfort in the Lord…when we grow older, exposed to the ways of the world, that innocence, dying on its deathbed. We are free spirits, but rocking it out. We don’t want to be pigeonholed as a Christian band, but we definitely want to pay homage to what we term The Great Unknown.”

What the future holds for LAMB BED is as simple as the band itself.

“Just doing what we believe in,” stated Kevin. “If people seem to like what we are doing, well, then great. Our objective is to have a rock band that can last the test of time and continue to musically express who we are. I think it’s safe to say that’s LAMB BED.”

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