“Inferno” comes off of the band’s brand new album “In Memory…”, released on March 1, 2019.

All-female hard-rock/post-hardcore band Reason|Define have released energetic music video for “Inferno”. The video gives an inside look into their world on tour and the live music experience. Mosh pits and headbanging invite fans to enjoy the band’s anthems with their friends and fellow music lovers. The video transports audiences back to the roots of what hard-rock music is about: having fun, letting go, and surrounding yourself with others that enjoy the same things as you. Reason|Define create a community where the music is central, regardless of personal background. By showing what fans can expect at a live show, it gives them a chance to see how they can interact with this community and become a part of the Reason|Define fan base and family.

The Charlotte-based group is comprised of lead vocalist Paolina Massaro, bassist, and vocalist Caitlin Rutkowski, guitarist and vocalist Sav Ruff, drummer Syd McVicker, and guitarist Shelby McVicker. They draw inspiration from a range of different rock groups, including Tonight Alive, Every Time I Die, State Champs, Beartooth, A Day to Remember, and Phinehas.

The band members are filled with intensity and passion as they play their instruments and give all they have into the performance. Their personalities come through the screen and reach to connect with the audience on a personal level. Interaction with the crowd is essential, and the video shows close-ups of the fans enjoying every minute of submersion into the rock world. The band doesn’t cover up the song or their musical with crazy theatrics or insane costumes, as they stay true to who they are and their style. However, the band is never boring with their use of lighting. The cinematography of the video gives the feel that you are front row in the crowd, dancing alongside the band.

“Inferno” comes off of the band’s brand new album “In Memory…”, released on March 1, 2019. Reason|Define are currently on a 12-show tour for their new album and are giving fans a new way to interact with their music. The band will be accompanied on tour by Hail Your Highness, an indie alternative band of two sisters that will complement Reason|Define’s sound perfectly.

Reason|Define’s unique blend of rock won them an award for Best Rock Band of the Year at the Carolina Music Awards in 2016. Reason|Define released their debut album Far From Strangers in March of 2017, and have since been playing shows in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Iowa, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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