deadset society


Deadset Society is poised to become Canada’s hottest property if the band’s debut, [Destroy + Rebuild], is anything to go by.

When [Destroy + Rebuild] was released in early 2017, the Toronto-based band was originally known as “Never Say Die.” A U.K. record company was recently discovered to have the rights to the name, forcing the members to rise anew, hence “Deadset Society.”

Regardless of this blip in the band’s career, it is undeniable that [Destroy + Rebuild] remains fully packed with 38 minutes of pure hard, heavy, grinding rock no matter what it’s name.

According to the band’s biography, Deadset Society started in the front passenger seat of the My Darkest Days band wagon, vocalist Reid Henry’s previous band. During over-night drives, Henry would stay up writing, singing, and recording. Deadset Society continued as a studio project between Henry and bandmate Brendan McMillan. An EP eventually evolved into [Destroy + Rebuild], and a full-fledged band complete with guitarist/vocals Dane Hartsell and drummer Mike Langford was formed.

What is most interesting about [Destroy + Rebuild] are the lyrics. There’s definitely double entendre going on here, enough to make the listener wonder what is going on in those little brains. All deal with angst in some form or other – relationships gone wrong? You have “Since You’ve Gone Away” and fan-favored “Rear View Mirror.” Substance abuse seems to surface in “Numb,” while destruction and rebirth is the theme with “Born Again.” And…love with an AI robot babe? Listen to “Automatic” and let the listener decide, which appears to be what the band intended.

Either way, the lyrics are impressively matched with the music. Henry’s vocals match the mood of each individual piece while Hartsell’s guitar equally competes and plays off of Henry’s sounds. McMillan and Langford hold down the bottom end throughout and make their presence known in each song.

What [Destroy + Rebuild] accomplishes is the desire to hear more of what Deadset Society has to offer. A very promising start for a band you really want to believe in.


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