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Keeping time with THE CLOCKTOWN GIANTS!!

Band crafts music that's uniquely its own!

Clocktown giants 3
The Clocktown Giants

WHO: The Clocktown Giants

MEMBERS:  Chris Ferrante (Vocals/Guitars)
Will Davis (Bass/Vocals)
Joey Hayek (Lead Guitars)
Luke Schaffel (Drums)

WHERE: Ramsey, New Jersey, USA

ABOUT: The Clocktown Giants recently released their debut EP, On A Rope, on September 9, 2016. Recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ, the debut is available on all major digital music retailers, streaming services, and available in physical form on the band’s online store.

The Clocktown Giants, from left, Luke, Joey, Chris, (seated) Will (Photo by Luna Photography)

What would you say that your band has to offer that is different from what is out there?    

THE CLOCKTOWN GIANTS: We bring variety to our music. We never write the same song twice. When we write, we try and do so in a way that’s original and different. It’s easy when writing progressions to find chords or notes that logically make sense and, when we do, we scrape them and do the exact opposite. We also write for us and no one else, we don’t try to fit in any sort of genre, we just write, ya know? One minute we can have a nice progressive rock song, then we go acoustic, then to metal, then hard hitting /in your face rock song, and then straight back to a more alternative rock sound. We really don’t try to limit ourselves and we kind of just do whatever we want.

What would you say is the essence behind your band, The Clocktown Giants?

THE CLOCKTOWN GIANTS: Just the fact that we love doing it. We don’t know if we will every amount to anything, but we love writing songs and performing them for people, no matter the crowd size.

How do you compete in today’s market?

THE CLOCKTOWN GIANTS: Ha-ha, we are not quite sure! Being yourself, being truly yourself, is the best thing you can do. We have never cared about what other people have thought about us and we have never tried to write, or be anyone other than who we are. At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is if you have good songs, and that’s something we are still striving for. You have to be yourself, you can’t copy an idea or sound, or try to fit into a genre that’s already dead and gone. You just need to truly take you influences and craft them into something that is your own.

Describe your music. What do you want it to convey?

THE CLOCKTOWN GIANTS: If we HAD to categorize our music, we would put it under some form of alternative/hard rock. Mainly because we write whatever we want. Lyrically, Chris just writes how he feels, or stories that he makes up, things that bother him and what not. We just want to portray a sense of truth, we’ll never lie in our music and we think that’s a good thing.

Define some of the goals for the band.

THE CLOCKTOWN GIANTS: The ultimate goal would be to make it, ha-ha! We would all love to do this as our job, but we also just want as many people as possible to listen to our music and come to our shows. We love meeting people and connecting with them afterwards, and we would love to continue to do so!















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