It was a rare and unusually warm day in January when I received an email with “STUNNING NEW ALBUM” in the subject line. I opened up the window to enjoy the warmth of the day and decided to listen to the offering, now identified as Fear Me December’s Between Violence and Silence.

Fear Me December is made up of bassist and vocalist Victoria and guitarist Valentin, both who began their musical journey in their home country of Argentina. Now based in Manchester, England in the United Kingdom, the two released an EP Who Cares? in 2014 before releasing the full-length Between Violence and Silence in 2016.

After listening to the first couple of minutes of the album, I discovered that Between Violence and Silence not only lives up to – but surpasses – any definition of the word STUNNING. In fact, Fear Me December gives it a whole new meaning. From the opening track to the end, the band fully and completely delivers 11 solid songs that literally enthrall the listener. There is no filler material here.


Track One begins with “Give Us Peace,” which is very openly directed toward the fear of global war. “When This Is Over,” on the other hand, appears to convey a variety of angry and emotionally-driven interactions that Fear Me December faced upon moving to the United Kingdom (When this is over/you won’t be screaming/you won’t be dreaming/you’ll understand what it means/to be alone). The band then takes it a bit slower with “Dear Love” before speeding it up again with the album’s title track, “Between Violence and Silence” and “The Mess.” More excellent musical mayhem follows, not to worry.

While it is extremely difficult to pick one “stand-out” song, “Fly, Fight, Dream” would be it. The lyrics are simple and direct, (dream out loud/because you only have one chance), but when they are combined with the pounding and prevalent bass lines and driving guitar chords, you have a song that pretty much sums up what Fear Me December offers as a band.

To put it mildly, there is not one bad song on this album. Between Violence and Silence is an excellently produced slice of pure alternative rock and metal, brimming over with all the vital ingredients and angst necessary to make one great and massive compilation. Musically, there is an infectious rhythm section complemented by the surrealistic nature of the lyrics and vocals of Victoria throughout the album. Guitarist Valentin demonstrates to all would-be guitar heroes during the course of Between Violence and Silence that more can be said with style and feel instead of the over indulgent fret-board histrionics. What more do you need?

Put it to you this way…when you have complete strangers walking by your open window and shouting, “WHO IS THAT?!” in amazement, you know you have a band that is destined to be signed to a major label. It’s that simple.



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