Song of the Week

Song of the Week

Song of the Week is "Won't Let You In" by Driven Astray. You like Alt Rock? You'll love this band!



Won’t Let You In by Driven Astray

Star 5


“Short and sweet, we are a rock band from SC consisting of three members, Wes DeLoach, Malcolm Canada, and Seth Greeson. We won’t waste your time with all of our accomplishments or the story about the first time we practiced in Dad’s garage, instead I’ll keep it simple. Driven Astray is a hard working American rock band fully invested in our music. The majority of our time is spent working in the studio on new material, and playing live. We have shared the stage with many national recording artists, produced by Cory Plaugh, currently finishing up our new album as we speak. You can find us pretty much everywhere you normally find music. Connect with us! We look forward to meeting you.”


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