"Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself.’’ 

Powerhouse UK hard rock trio SKAM are back with thee band’s brand-new sophomore EP, Venous, which is out now digitally via X-Ray Records.

SKAM – consisting of Guitarist/Vocalist Steve Hill; Bassist Matt Gilmore; and Drummer Neal Hill – has kept the pedal down in recent months by releasing three singles from Venous; “Circle,” “Fade Out,” and “Deadliest Sin.”

Venous can be purchased HERE.

On “Deadliest Sin,” SKAM takes a break from power rock and produced a track that is a sensitive song about pride. The lyrics focus on an argument between lovers who are both too proud to admit they are in the wrong.

“We put a lot of time into this one to get the feeling right,” the band stated. “The track itself builds into an emotive feel-good song. The lads have worked hard to combine big hooks and delicious harmonies to draw you in. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself.’’ 

Venous is a six-track EP that follows on where Intra left off.  The vision was to release two separate EPs rather than a full studio album. This approach means that the band were able to spread out their releases over a year rather that in one hit. Venous is the second part of a two EP collection and completes this vision that the band had.

“We are totally excited for people to get their ears around Venous,” said Steve Hill. “Knowing we had a second release penned for this year, we decided to hold back some killer tracks. Lyrically, the songs follow the same theme of human conditions and experiences. We have really tried to push the envelope of the SKAM sound on this one and there is something there for fans both old and new. You will hear hard hitting bangers typical of the sound SKAM are famous for, but also some curve balls in the form of a power ballad and a 90s style grunge track!”

The record closes with “The Cure,” which is a dedication to the mother of the Hill brothers, who sadly passed away from cancer last October.  

“We, like many, suffered at the hands of this terrible illness, but we found solace in knowing we are not on our own,” stated Neal Hill. “With millions of people across the globe going through a similar tough time, we wanted to write a song of hope and sympathy for anyone affected by cancer. Turn it up loud and think of those you love.”

SKAM formed in 2011. The band has a reputation for delivering no nonsense, gutsy, classic sounding British rock music. Over the last nine years, the band has worked tirelessly to build a solid following in the UK. Now, they are considered to be at the forefront of the ‘New Wave of Classic Rock’ movement that is currently sweeping the nation.

To date, SKAM have independently released three albums: It’s Come to This (2011); Peacemaker (2014); and The Amazing Memoirs of Geoffrey Goddard (2017). With these releases, the band established itself as a live force to be reckoned with. The band have hit the road with The Answer, Airbourne, Skindred, The Quireboys, and GUN, to name just a few formidable live acts.

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