“The track encapsulates everything I love about rock music."

Irish rocker Patrick Padjo” Dolan has released his latest single, “Hazel Eyes.”

“The track encapsulates everything I love about rock music and demonstrates exactly what I am about as an artist,” Dolan stated. “‘Hazel Eyes’ encapsulates everything that I love about Rock music, vulnerable lyrics, hooky melodies and most of all high energy rocking.”

“Hazel Eyes” kicks off with an atmospheric introduction that draws the listener in immediately. Following this attention-grabbing opening, Dolan’s’s vocals enter the mix and he effortlessly breathes life into the poetic and evocative lyrics. 


In “Hazel Eyes,” there are many romantic and liberating lyrics that echo in your mind after the song has finished. These include distinctive lyrics such as “you could take my hand / we could travel up the coast / and find the answer in the sand.” This style of lyrics is quite vulnerable and shows the artist’s talent as not only a songwriter but also a lyricist. This type of writing makes you want to listen to the song, again and again, to soak up all the details and nuances of this detailed track. 

“The song references the beauty of the little moments in life,” Dolan said, “but primarily is about following your heart, embracing the madness of being alive and not being afraid to put it all on the line and risk everything, i.e heading down to Mexico to take one last look into those hazel eyes.” 

Including Dolan, other contributing musicians to the single include Donna Bisset, Cian Boylan Conor Brady, Dave Hingerty, and Robbie Malone.

“The song was recorded during a break in lockdowns last summer and I feel like the pent up energy that was released from myself and the band alike is really captured on the track,” Dolan noted. “We had a ball recording in Camden Studios with some of the best in the business.”

Upon learning of U2’s material as a young musician, Dolan became inspired to change the world one rock song at a time. Believing that “a catchy guitar riff or a lyrical masterpiece makes you feel you’re alive when you hear it” was the feeling Dolan wanted to capture in his own music and share with everyone.

Having grown up in the idyllic surroundings of County Clare, in the west of Ireland, Dolan has been writing songs since he was a teenager and formed numerous bands throughout school and college where he studied in Galway, a city known for its nurturing of musical talent. Having honed his skillset, Dolan decided he was going to give it everything in 2019 and began writing and recording, readying himself to share his tapestry of carefully crafted music by the means of a debut album scheduled for release in 2022. 


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