"This song screams for equality and unity."

Australian Punk act UNDER THE INFLUENCE (UTI) have released the band’s new single, “Puerto Escondido,” via Riot Records.

Under the Influence (UTI) is a four-piece punk band from Wollongong, Australia. The current members are Kin on vocals; Curci on guitar; Dan on drums; and Lochy on bass.

“Puerto Escondido” was inspired by a surf trip the band’s guitarist took to Mexico a few years back, where he was violently threatened by locals to leave “Puerto Escondido.”

“This song screams for equality and unity between different countries and cultures alike,” the band explained. “We are all connected and need to work together. We’re all humans and the earth is our home. Shared with the animal kingdom, plants and fungi, Earth needs to be protected, respected and shared. If we can somehow find a way to work together there may still be hope for future generations.  

Under the Influence has released some killer hardcore/punk tracks over the last 12 months such as “Moon Flavoured Magnets,” “Cobra Spit,” “Gone,” “Body Parts,” and “Crows,” which has further established the band as one of Australia’s premier punk acts.

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