More music from the band to be released this Fall.

San Antonio rockers RELENT have debuted a new video for the track “Ghost,” released as a single in June.

The band is comprised of Vocalist Miggy; Guitarists Josh and Chris; Bassist Bruce; and Drummer Gaston.

Formed in early 2016, RELENT released their first single, “Rise” in 2019. The track quickly became a fan favorite and set the scene for the release of the group’s 2020 debut, Heart Attack. With a unique, in-your-face style that is often compared to musical giants such as P.O.D., Sevendust, Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin, many fans find it hard to believe this fierce quintet proudly wears the “Christian band” tag. “Ghost” is a prime example of RELENT’s ability to create aggressive music with a positive, spiritual message.

“In a time where demonology is accepted and welcomed with open arms, ‘Ghost’ reminds us of the one spiritual force that is undefeated and all-powerful,” the band stated. “In the midst of the darkest times this world has ever seen, God’s voice still speaks to us, guiding us through the difficulty of life. He gives us strength we would never have on our own and empowers us to live life as conquerors instead of victims.”

“Ghost” is available via all digital service providers HERE.

RELENT, who just wrapped up the Summer Slam Tour with Seventh Day Slumber and GFM, has built a strong following through passionate, intense live performances. Because of their pasts involving drug addictions and rough lifestyles, the members of RELENT are also intensely dedicated to reaching people who struggle with similar addictions.

Stay tuned for more new music, coming this fall via Rockfest Records.

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