"Theme is about being an outcast in your everyday life."

Rising metal stars TETRARCH recently released their trailblazing sophomore full-length album, Unstable, to rave reviews and worldwide acclaim, and also announced a slew of fall tour dates with bands such as Atreyu, Nonpoint and more. In anticipation of the return of touring season, the band has unleashed a blistering new music video for the hard-charging album anthem “Stitch Me Up.”

TETRARCH features Josh Fore – vocals/guitar; Diamond Rowe – lead guitar; Ryan Lerner – bass; and Ruben Limas – drums.

“Shooting the video for ‘Stitch Me Up’ was super fun and we are honestly thrilled with how it came out,” said Rowe. “The way the storyline was shot has such a cinematic feel to it and the finished product just looks awesome.”

“The theme of this video is kind of about being an outcast in your everyday life,” the guitarist continued. “You can sometimes feel like a complete freak when it seems like no one else sees things the same way that you do or has common interests, but finally meeting up with people that are like you can make you feel safe and whole. It reminds me a lot of all of us in the heavy music community and how we may be looked at in strange ways, but when we’re all together we are just one big happy family sharing our love of music.”

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