Single off of upcoming album, 'Fear Tactics'

L.A.-based hard rock duo Satellite Citi provide another taste of their anticipated full-length album with the single “Empath.”

Satellite Citi consists of Drummer/Vocalist Anna Gevorkian and Guitarist Shaunt Sulahian. Gevorkian and Sulahian are both Armenian-Americans born and raised in Los Angeles who first launched their career in 2015 with the poignant track “Rock Bottom” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. In late 2020, they returned to that important topic with the powerful song “Antibody,” featuring Crobot’s Brandon Yeagley. It was dedicated to the people of Armenia and aimed to bring awareness to the latest attacks on the country beginning in late September 2020 that killed hundreds of innocent civilians and displaced thousands more.

Like many of Satellite Citi’s other songs that have a strong message woven throughout the lyrics and art, “Empath” is centered around the five stages of grief — Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance — and is being released during Mental Health Awareness Month to help raise awareness for this important health issue.


“We thought it was important to create a symbolic visual representation in our video, as the world is slowly crawling out of one of the darkest periods in modern history,” stated the band. “The video ends with a shot of us staring into a mirror, which represents the responsibility that individuals have to be proactive and seek help when they are in a bad mental state. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to join the fight to end the stigma surrounding various mental illnesses that affect so many people.”

Along with the new song, Satellite Citi has released an exclusive new “Empath” T-shirt with proceeds benefitting NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). It features original artwork by Jaime Valderrama. Entitled “CHAMELEON,” it’s based on the subject of mental health and the struggles he’s overcome. The T-shirt can be purchased HERE.

Both “Empath” and “Antibody” are singles from Satellite Citi’s upcoming fall 2021 album, Fear Tactics, which is produced by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Liz Phair, Touche Amore) and features a wide range of inspiration from Black Sabbath to Muse to Halestorm. Previous singles have included “Black Magic,” “Miscommunication” and “Getaway.”

As a follow-up to their acclaimed 2018 debut EP, Negative Space, the new album will thematically center around the importance of mental health and represents the band’s own struggles of coping with fear and anxiety, that are even more permeated in today’s culture. As Huffington Post has declared of the band’s important messaging in their songs, which have also included songs devoted to LGBTQ+ youth, “Satellite Citi are on the road to delivering audiences with music that tackles important issues that our society is facing today.”

A regular fixture on the stages in their hometown of Los Angeles, Satellite Citi is joined live by two anonymous Spacewalkers on bass and guitar that further taps into the band’s curiosity of other realms and advanced life forms. The band’s name, in fact, is based off of the idea of a city, outside of our galaxy, where people communicate with their minds.

In addition to music, the duo love video games and writing—they are currently working on their first original sci-fi graphic novel called Spacewalker with former DC editor Jim Higgins, that will coincide with a new concept EP in 2022. Satellite Citi also has five songs featured in the recently released rock documentary “Long Live Rock…Celebrate The Chaos,” directed by Jonathan McHugh, that features bands such as Metallica, Korn, Slipknot, and Rob Zombie. The trailer can be viewed HERE. As well the band’s song “Getaway” is featured in the new show “The Freak Brothers.”


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