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New EP coming in 2021!

REACH NYC has returned with the fittingly titled new single, “Back From the Dead.” It’s the band’s first new song in 17 years and features Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix.

“When I spoke to Boy Epic, the video director, for ‘Back From the Dead,’ I told him that I wanted the feeling of being lost alone intertwined with wanting to find happiness faith again,” says the band’s Rene Mata. “I told him the song was about depression feeling lost, and fighting to take your life back. It was an affirmation to myself after losing my close friend Chester Bennington to suicide and thus found myself suffering from a deep depression afterwards myself. I told him I wanted the video to be about the song first and foremost. I wanted it to be visually stunning . I think he was right on target. I was blown away when I saw it.” 

Shaddix concurs, saying, “This video for ‘Back From the Dead’ really captures just how small and insignificant we can feel when we are faced with the reality of how big we let our demons become at points in our lives. We are not meant to suffer alone. It’s a great reminder. The visuals capture that sense of isolation perfectly.”

“Back From the Dead” will appear on Reach NYC’s new EP, out in 2021 via The Orchard.


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