'I love our band and the people in it. If you remove one of us, the foundation would crumble.'


How would you like a band that is described as a hard-driven, melodic, rock n’ roll sex train that bores its way into your heart and soul and turns you into a riff-thirsty vampire that can never get its fill?

Well, according to Vocalist Ray Patricks, it’s guaranteed that you will have all that and more with his band, Last Kiss Goodnight.

Last Kiss Goodnight formed in 2018 out of Maryland. Drummer Robert Lasky, tired of playing in cover bands and wishing to be in an original project, met Lead/Rhythm Guitarist/Songwriter Dan Stroud via an online app that connects musicians. The two began writing together, eventually adding Lead and Rhythm Guitarist Carlo Pizzaro and Bassist Kevin Baker. Patricks, based out of Washington, joined Last Kiss Goodnight nine months later.


All members were in other musical configurations before joining forces in Last Kiss Goodnight, but Patricks stated it was evident that the magic was there from the beginning.

“We knew we clicked when we all got into the same room together,” Patricks said. “Since there is a literal distance element for me – I travel from the West Coast to East – the experience feels like new each time I step into the room with the other four guys. And I mean that in a way that is exciting and filled with adrenaline. I love our band and the people in it. If you remove one of us, the foundation would crumble.”


As the story goes, it only took a plane ticket and 35 days before the band emerged from the studio with its 2019 album, Immortal. Last Kiss Goodnight came roaring out with two singles, “Love Separation” and “Miss Anything,” that earned spots on Billboard’s “Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart” and Foundations “Market Rock Chart.” The band recently released a third single, “Son of a Gun,” one that the band describes as a hard-rocking track with a gun-slinger swagger.

In addition to the singles, Immortal consists of eight other rocking and roaring tracks: Quite simply, there’s something for everyone’s liking. Patricks himself is grateful for the reception Immortal has received.

“I think we wanted to make the best possible record that we could,” he stated. “That was the number one goal. I think that we did a damn good job and we have an album full of memorable songs with rocking riffs and melodies.”

Last Kiss Goodnight cites ‘90s-era rockers as the main influences for the band. Patricks himself has a wide array, though admitting his influences are subject to change.

“I am always listening and looking for new stuff, or older stuff,” he said. I go back and listen to an artist that I really didn’t like before and find myself saying, ‘damn…why didn’t I like this before?’ I would say Stone Temple Pilots, Earth to Andy, Sponge, Big Wreck, and Army of Anyone as some of my influences.”  

Last Kiss Goodnight is definitely attuned to the sound of the ’90s for Immortal. But make no mistake: While the band members openly profess their influences that inspired the creation of Immortal, Patricks said that “we also remained true to ourselves in the style that we each had cultivated with our past projects and brought that to that record.”


While Stroud had many of the songs written before the vocalist joined the band, Patricks praised the guitarist’s song structure as an inspiration to him pursuing the lead vocalist slot in Last Kiss Goodnight and to incorporate his own songwriting skills to the album.

“We work well together,” Patricks said. “There are a lot of moving parts in our creative process. One of us will write something and pass it around for the others to listen to and critique. We each add our own elements into the foundations of the songwriting process.”

While musicians tend to get jaded about music, Patricks would attest that working with Last Kiss Goodnight could be a case of “feels like the first time.”


“Writing Immortal was exciting and new,” he continued. “For me, there were a lot of comforting and familiar expectations creating the lyrics and melodies. It was a lot like dating an old flame, but there had been growth in the individuals involved since the previous encounter.”

To be certain, the music of Last Kiss Goodnight is diverse, hard-rocking, driven and melodic rock ‘n roll band. Those who have been fortunate enough to see the band live in the past will attest that Last Kiss Goodnight is ready to lead the wave of the new rock revival.

“Our music is full of energy,” Patricks stated unabashedly. “I mean, we are a rock band; that’s kind of the point, right? But more so, I think, we want people to relate to our songs and that energy. We look forward to getting out and playing shows again.”

Like many other musicians and bands, Last Kiss Goodnight is attempting to maneuver around COVID-19 the best it can.

“The virus has set everyone back, especially those who were just getting off the ground,” Patricks said. “I think we will all be grateful when the pandemic is over and we can go back to playing in clubs and venues. I think it will be a huge success for all of us involved in the music industry (fans and bands) when things open up again.”

To keep the band in the forefront in the minds of the fans, Last Kiss Goodnight have been making new music videos and keeping active via social media. And, the members continue to write.

“There are talks of a once-a-week livestreaming interactive variety show,” Patricks said, “coming up with new ways to make yourself relevant on social media. Making music videos, interacting with fans in live chats, livestreaming a set of songs. Things along those lines. There’s a lot of interesting stuff of the horizon for us.”


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