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Band's new album, "To Better Days," scheduled for Aug. 7th release!

Slaves — featuring drummer Zack Baker, guitarists Wes Richmond and Felipe Sanchez, bassist Colin Vieira, and vocalist Matt McAndrew — have announced a livestreamed record release show that will take place at 9 p.m. EST on Aug. 5, 2020 at The Whisky in Los Angeles.

The band’s upcoming album, To Better Days, is scheduled to be released on Aug. 7, 2020, via SBG Records. 

Pre-orders are available HERE.

During the To Better Days record release show, the band will be performing the new album. Fans will need a ticket to virtually attend and the show will only be viewable for 48 hours after the show. Tickets are $10 for the show or $15 for the show and a digital copy of the album. Go HERE for more information.

Slaves recently shared the new song Like I Do.”

The band also shared the video for “Wasting My Youth.”

Slaves have revealed that they will be changing their name, which began as a reference to the personal demon of addiction, understanding that the term has painful connotations for others. (The band’s decision was explained at length HERE.) 

“To Better Days”
“Witch Hunt”
“Talk To A Friend”
“Eye Opener”
“Bury A Lie”
“Wasting My Youth”
“Clean Again”
“Like I Do”


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