Meet the band that delivers a rancid concoction of Thrash, Groove, and High-Octane Metal!

Brazilian band HellgardeN has been hailed as one of the forerunner’s of the New Wave of Metal. The band’s debut album, Making Noise, Living Fast, showcases the best of Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, and Groove Metal there is.

HellgardeN formed in 2015 with Guitarist Caick Gabriel and Drummer Matheus Barreiros, both who had been playing together for several years before joining forces with another friend on the local scene, Vocalist Diego Pascuci. The band was completed in 2017 with Bassist Guilherme Biondo joining the fold.

From 2018-2019, the band performed throughout Brazil, honing their skills, writing material, and testing the waters with audiences before heading in the studio to record Making Noise, Living Fast.

Making Noise, Living Fast  was recorded at ForestLab studios in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro with Producer Lisciel Franco and Recording Engineer Roberto Carvalho. Alan Douches, known for his work with Motorhead, Sepultura, High on Fire, mastered HellgardeN’s debut.

“It was an incredible experience to work with producer Lisciel Franco,” the band stated. “He is certainly one of the best in Brazil. We have always admired his work and we had the opportunity to stay in the studio for 15 days recording on tape and living music 24-hours-a-day. Certainly, this brotherhood and dedication brought something unique to this work. Making Noise, Living Fast is certainly a big step in our career.”

HELLGARDEN (Photo: Thiago Victal)

In January 2020, HellgardeN signed a contract with the North American label Brutal Records US in partnership with The Orchard & Sony Music.

“HellgardeN is a great revelation of the new wave of Brazilian metal and has been gaining a lot of attention and expectation from fans of the genre for the release of their album Making Noise, Living Fast,” enthused the band’s record label.  “It’s very exciting to see a band making their first album at that level and we’re wondering how revolutionary the next work of these guys will be. Only the future will tell.”


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