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“All survivors are heroes."

Grammy-winning songwriter, solo artist, and voice of CreedSCOTT STAPP has released a provocative, timely visualizer for new single, “Survivor.” The piece takes the place of a live-action video, which was cancelled to observe social distancing recommendations.

It is a fighter’s anthem that reflects the mentality Scott summoned when losing hope in his personal battles. It is a positive affirmation, a bold statement of faith, powerfully delivered.

“‘Survivor’ is about a mindset when facing adversity,” says Scott. “Holding on to faith, positive affirmation, self-realization, speaking and believing things into reality are all elements of this mentality. It’s a mindset that helps give you strength to keep fighting, enduring, and maintaining the courage to continue to fight to make it to the other side, to overcome, to win, to survive.”

The video uses imagery both personal and universal – Scott in a storm of shattered glass; an impoverished child representing the work of ChildFund International, for whom he is a spokesperson; survivors of cancer, sexual abuse, trafficking, and racial discrimination; survivors of war, the plight of the immigrant, and homeless individuals willing to work to overcome their misfortune are all referenced.  In a poignant moment, a masked citizen and the definition of “survivor” appears – “remains alive or lives through an affliction.” 

Throughout the video, a muscular, caped “hero” juxtaposed among the imagery is a reminder that not all heroes wear capes. 

“All survivors are heroes,” Scott said. “If you’re working each day to overcome, through the sheer force of faith, will, and strength, you’re a survivor.”  

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