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'Careless' paints a story about making mistakes...and liking them!

The Blue Stones have released “Careless,” the third single from their highly-anticipated new album due out later this year on Entertainment One (eOne). “Careless” shows a new side of the band, placing singer Tarek Jafar’s soulful voice in the spotlight, complimented by a finessed mix of keys, vibey guitars, 808 kicks and snare.

While the band has amassed a considerable following around their brand of dynamic alternative rock, “Careless” is an important track in their creative journey as it showcases their ability to produce music outside of what might be considered their ‘comfort zone.’ Lyrically, the song exhibits the same sort of maturity, taking on a dark tone and tackling the subject of getting lost in love and vices  – exemplified by the line, “I know you love me, but it won’t change a thing.”

“’Careless’ is a dark and vibey track that draws from a lot of our RnB influences to paint a story about making mistakes, and liking them,” Jafar stated.

“Careless” follows The Blue Stones’ breakout single, “Shakin’ Off The Rust,”which just crossed over 7 million streams worldwide and found the band headlining a largely sold-out North American tour.

Most recently, the duo were nominated for a JUNO award for “Breakthrough Group Of The Year,” adding to the excitement from both fans and critics regarding their upcoming full-length.  

When Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier formed The Blue Stones, they were facing uncertainty about who they were individually. What they did know for sure, though, was that they wanted to make music together – and, so they did. Following the success of their debut album, Black Holes, the band quickly found a following in the alternative rock world that led to them sharing the stage with the likes of grandson, Welshly Arms, and Reignwolf.

As they began working on new music, The Blue Stones caught the attention of producer Paul Meany (Mutemath, Twenty One Pilots), with whom they eventually entered the studio with this past summer. Working with Meany led to The Blue Stones exploring – and creating – music in a different way than they had before, with Jafar taking a new approach when it came to tackling lyrics.

Through this process, the band truly discovered who they were during the writing process. They’ve crafted something that shimmers with such purity and truth – musically and lyrically – that one can’t help but be swept up and carried off by the songs that will make up their as-yet-untitled sophomore album. The duo may be redefining who they are, but their decision to pursue the rock’n’roll dream holds as strong as ever as they enter the next stage of their journey.

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