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If Bootsy Collins says Jack Broadbent is good, HE IS!

Crows Feet recording artist, Singer/Songwriter/Slide Guitarist Jack Broadbent has released “If,” the next single from his critically acclaimed album, Moonshine Blue.

The “If” music video is the perfect visual component to the song as it follows Broadbent as he travels across the country on the historic Route 66, reaching the end at the beaches of California and showing him in a variety of dynamic locations across the United States to the tune of his masterful guitar playing and pensive lyrics. 

As Broadbent makes his way across the country on tour, fans and media have been picking up on his vast musical abilities.  He recently did a live performance on PASTE, and in talking about his critically acclaimed album, Moonshine Blue, he recently told Billboard, “I’d been touring all over the states — well, all over the world, quite relentlessly, at the time. It wasn’t like I really had a couple of months to go sit somewhere and work it out, but that certainly brought in a lot of different moods and styles being in different places — different feelings, different times.”

Named the “new master of slide guitar” by the Montreaux Jazz Festival, Broadbent first began to gain widespread attention for his remarkably unique talent of playing the slide guitar with a whiskey flask while busking. 

Broadbent has many notable music industry fans, such as famed Bassist Bootsy Collins and Rolling Stones Guitarist Ron Wood.

“The Blues has not seen such Good News in quite some time,” Collins enthused, while Wood credited Jack with “keeping the flag flying.”

Broadbent has garnered more than 111,000 monthly listeners and upwards of 10 million streams on Spotify. The singer/guitarist is currently headlining his own cross-country North American tour, giving his legions of fans a chance to personally experience the electrifying energy and warmth that Jack delivers in every live performance. Broadbent will also be opening for Peter Frampton on his upcoming final farewell tour in the UK. 

Moonshine Blue Track Listing:

  • Moonshine Blue
  • If
  • The Otherside
  • Everytime I Drown
  • This Town
  • The Lucky Ones
  • Tonight
  • Wishing Well
  • Too Late


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