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Band gearing to tour New Zealand and Europe in March and May.

Like A Storm is back in the studio recording its next album in Las Vegas.

Fans of the New Zealand band won’t have to wait long to hear what the new music sounds like. Bassist Kent Brooks said the first three tracks of Like A Storm’s upcoming fourth album are scheduled to be released in March.

LIKE A STORM (Photo: Gina Zeck)

“We’ve decided that rather than go off the grid for 18 months and emerge with a new album, we’re going to release the new album music in phases,” Brooks said in an email. “It’s actually something we wanted to do with Catacombs. That way, rather than go ‘radio silent’ for all of 2020, we can keep on doing what we love, which is a balance between creating music and traveling the world playing live shows.”

According to a social media post from the band, Like A Storm has demoed 38 songs so far.

“This new album is sounding to us like it’s gonna be some of our most-melodic, coolest riffs and best-written songs yet,” the post read. “We’ve really gone back to our roots, and are loving it. The chemistry between us has never been better, the music’s just pouring out, and we can’t wait for you all to hear it. Massive, massive thanks for all your support.”

In addition to recording the new album, Like A Storm is gearing up for its Homecoming Tour 2020 with fellow Kiwi’s Black Smoke Trigger.

BLACK SMOKE TRIGGER (Photo: Paige Hodson Photography)

The band will then be heading to Europe for a tour with Devilskin. Dates for both tours can be found at

  • Cover photo of Like A Storm by Jason Axsom
  • Photo of Like A Storm by Gina Zeck
  • Photo of Black Smoke Trigger Paige Hodson Photography

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