Lyrics inspired by band's collective Christian faith

VÉIR is a new Norwegian progmetal /rockband formed in 2020 by Tor Erik Myhre and Frode Moltemyr. The band is in the progress of writing new music and plan to release several singles throughout 2020.

VÉIR’s debut single, “Confess (Father Almighty),” is already out on YouTube and is available on digital platforms.

From left, Frode Moltemyr and Tor Erik Myhre

With “Confess (Father Almighty),” VÉIR wanted to capture impressions on their faith through the lyrics and match them up with heavy riffs and drums accompanied with raw, melodic vocals.

Myhre is a guitarist, singer and songwriter known for his contribution as a guitarist in JORN from 2008-2011. He played on several albums like DIO, Live in black (a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio) and 50 Years On Earth. In addition to his musical career, Myhre is a professional IT consultant, a freelance journalist, and volunteers as a Christian pastor.

Moltemyr is a singer, songwriter, and producer with a 25-year career as a traveling musician. He has played more than 4,000 concerts in different institutions and toured Sweden and Norway with Christian artists Jard and Kjell Samuelson from “The Samuelsons Brothers.” In 2016, he released an album together with his cousin, Tomas Fianbakken, in a project called “Eden Root.” A solo album came into reality in 2018 when he released “Travelogue” with his own project “Moltemyr” (Cloudberry Mire).


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