A semblance of an introduction ....

My name is Graig Lindgren, and I am a band-a-holic. I am a bass player in my forties who’s been playing in local bands since my teens. I’ve been in original bands, cover bands and a weird – clearly-no-winners-here –  hybrid mixture of the two. To some people I have experienced some success; to others not so much. But I guess that depends on who you ask. So in some semblance of what might appear to be an introduction, I’ll lay out my musical-career pros and cons in order to lay the proverbial groundwork for what may well turn into a column for the fine people at The Symphony of Rock. This should turn out to be enjoyable/torturous for me.

Pro: I have written, recorded and been a part of six recordings.

Con: I have sold upwards of 259 of those recordings. Just a couple hundred more and we get certified “Aluminum.”

Pro: I’ve was a part of a popular television show and spent an entire day being filmed with Jon Taffer and crew.

Con: If you are prone to blinking, you’re likely going to miss my inclusion in that episode.

Pro: I have been the direct support opener for some great bands, including: Europe, Buckcherry, Steel Panther, Saliva, Wang Chung (seriously, no shit) and tons more.

Con: Not one member in any of those bands could pick me out of a lineup of three people.

Pro: My basses, amplifiers, effects, wireless units, etc. are top-of-the-line and are worth well over $10k.

Con: I’ve earned a little more than $200 in return for said investment.

Pro: I’ve occasionally performed at some exceptional venues, including: The House of Blues, Northfield Rocksino and the Cleveland Agora.

Con: More often, I’ve played in what some have called “real shit holes.”

Pro: A few times I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining 500+ people (at one time, smartass!)

Con: More than a few times I’ve performed for my band (and crew). Only. Literally. Just my band. And the crew. And one of those guys “had to” leave early.

Pro: I have been signed to an independent record deal by a European Record Label (ooh, fancy, right?)

Con: I have yet to receive one cent of proceeds from said deal.

There’s more but I’m starting to get depressed. Anyway, my therapist said that getting some of this off my chest may be helpful. In future columns I’m going to tackle various topics and offer my perspective, give my two cents. Anyone requiring change should inquire with The Symphony of Rock!

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