"We represent the downtrodden misfits of today’s youth.”

I Within is a heavy rock band from Rochester, Kent in the United Kingdom. The band – comprised of Ollie Peck, Logan Ellis, Dom Lingham, and Craig Keeling – just released its first single, “Being Human,” on all platforms.

“It touches on mental health and we would love for anyone reading this to check it out,” Ellis stated. “We write music that not only helps ourselves get things out in the open, but also helps those that could also be going through those feelings. All of our songs are about something that has affected us seriously…bullying, mental health, etc. We represent the downtrodden misfits of today’s youth.”

Incorporating a mix of blistering heavy riffs and soaring vocal melodies, I Within draws influence from North American arena rock of bands such as Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. The band brings a new level of song craftsmanship to the British rock scene and beyond.


“We all have so many different tastes in music that you do end up with very American Rock-sounding material,” Ellis said, “but with idioms of British post-punk and rock. We’re a pretty close unit of people. We very much want to tour the world, spreading these songs and the messages they hold to people who may not have anyone or anything to fall back on. Helping others is pretty much the essence.”

I Within believe that there is a huge market for the band’s type of music not only in its home territory of the United Kingdom, but the United States as well. Ellis himself lived in Memphis, Tennessee for a while and therefore could see the opportunities for the band.

The essence of the band?

“Getting through the soul of someone else and sending a message.”

“Playing a tour or just a handful of shows out there is a big goal of ours,” Ellis stated. “Anything and everything where we get to play our music to thousands is up there. And, if we get to support some of our favorite artists, then our lives are set, you know?!”


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