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"If we’ve learned anything from this whole situation, selling your shit at garage sales is way cooler!”

California rock legends Steel Panther continue their fight for freedom of speech and their work to create a safe space for all creative expression in the music instrument world with the release of their second guitar pedal – a digital delay called the Poontang Boomerang. 

The pedal, which takes its name from a song on the band’s latest release Lower The Bar, is a digital delay pedal developed by Satchel in conjunction with the team who built the critically acclaimed Pussy Melter. It is made in the USA, has a toggle switch (G Day and Crikey), and 4 knobs so guitarists of all genders can customize the “Distance,” “Feedback,” “Dry” and “Wet” parameters of the tone to their individual liking.The Poontang Boomerang will retail for $199.99 and is now available for pre-order here:

It has been brought to the band’s attention that the popular musical instrument/gear resale site has banned a musician from selling his purchased Pussy Melter on the website. The seller received an email from the Reverb Listings Standard Crew saying: “We understand what this pedal does. In this case, the imagery and the pedal itself is what we do not allow on our site.” A video discussing the whole situation can be watched here:


An official statement from the band regarding the new pedal and the Reverb situation is below:

“We heard from people all over the world that the eargasms they got from the Pussy Melter were amazing and that they only wanted more. Up to face any challenge, the scientific team of Steel Panther hunkered down in the lab only to re-emerge having created the world’s greatest digital delay pedal that would keep the sensations repeating for any guitarist male, female, non-binary and/or gender fluid over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…GET IT? It’s a delay pedal silly!

“As for,” the band continued, “we think its ridiculous that they are biased towards the mighty Pussy Melter. We have seen so many comparably named items on their website for sale, yet they have decided to just ban our pedal from being sold there? If we’ve learned anything from this whole situation, selling your shit at garage sales is way cooler!”

Steel Panther are currently finishing work on their next album. The band is working with producer Jay Ruston and hopes to have some new material released later this year. They also are hard at work on their popular Steel Panther Television shows on YouTube: Cineminute and Science Panther. In the meantime, the band continues to tour around the globe and information on tickets for all upcoming performances can be purchased from:

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