The New Surge


"We would love to do an American tour. Laurel Canyon is a wonderful place, and it is a hive for fresh new music and talent."



The Sourheads


  • Jake Coxon – Vocals
  • Mik Crone – Guitar
  • Ben Taylor – Bass
  • Chris Lambert – Drums


Wakefield, United Kingdom


The Sourheads take influence from the great classic rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s and combine it with the more alternative bands of modern day. The band feels that it is important to not follow any specific scene yet they fit into multiple genres and play with different styles of bands. In 2016 they wrote their first album, Care Plan For The Soul, mastered by famed produce Pete Maher ( The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, U2). The band signed with German Label Oak Island Records in the spring of 2017, and will be releasing the debut album worldwide on Vinyl, CD and digitally.

What would you say that your band has to offer that is different from what is out there?   

The Sourheads are a combination of lots of different genres of rock music. We take influence from 70s Rock, classic rock, stoner rock, and place it in a giant cauldron. Most importantly, we don’t follow trends or phases and we are 100% true to ourselves. Our live shows are very energetic.


What would you say is the essence behind your band?

If it sounds good and we all agree on it, then we know it’s going to work. We all have different influences: some of us like heavier music, some of us like indie music. The combination of these elements makes the band what it is. This is the essence of the band.

How do you compete in today’s market?

It is important to have a good publicity representative and generally just play as many gigs as possible. There is a term being kicked around at the moment called “New Wave of Classic Rock” and I believe there really is a host of new bands coming out who are building a fresh scene. Everyone tends to help each other out and gigswap.

Describe your music. What do you want it to convey?

Early Alice Cooper mixed with Iggy and the Stooges, as well as Queens of the Stone Age and ZZ Top. That’s a pretty good description but, at any point, we could go in a different direction. Some of the new material is sounding a little more bluesy, maybe even a bit like the Rolling Stones in style.


Define some of the goals for the band.

We would love to do an American tour. Laurel Canyon is a wonderful place, and it is a hive for fresh new music and talent. We are also looking forward to recording our second album. Playing some big festivals would be cool as well.

Anything else you would like to add?

Our album, Care Plan For The Soul, is available digitally, on vinyl, and CD via our Website (see below)




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