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Ministry, Killing Joke, Prong, Murder Inc., and Fear Factory, to name a few, have been the ground that John Bechdel [“JB”] has made his mark on. Killing The Joke: The John Bechdel Story features exclusive personal interviews with Al Jourgensen [Ministry, Revolting Cocks], Alison Bechdel [FUN HOME / award winning writer], Burton C. Bell [Fear Factory], Greta Brinkman [L7, Pigface, Debbie Harry, Moby], Charlie Clouser [Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson], Martin Atkins [Public Image Limited, Killing Joke], Sean Roberts [Wax Trax! / TVT Records], Shikhee D’iordna [Android Lust] and a host of others. This documentary is a thrill ride through the life of John Bechdel, those in and connected to his life and career; the world travelers and people behind the scenes who share his bliss and struggle to live their lives at all odds, and on their terms.


After decades of being the invisible man on the keys, JB’s family life became a social phenomenon with the success of his sister, Alison Bechdel, and her award winning Fun Home. Long time friend and bandmate, documentarian and punk rock / industrial music culture veteran Darryl Hell felt JB has an artlife worthy of public exploration, having performed in and being connected to a number of iconic bands spanning over 30 years back into the 1980’s and the “golden era” of the industrial and alternative music cultures. Killing The Joke goes far beyond the typical mayhem-ridden “dude-on-tour” story to witness complex humans and artists negotiating the incredible responsibilities of family, friendship, performance and touring.


On the anniversary of the release of Kraftwerk’s “Man Machine,” we present another person who has blurred the lines between man and machine. His unique style has made him a go-to keyboard player for prominent bands. You will see why.


Directed and produced by Darryl Hell for s6k Media and Furnace Record. Digital Download release date: May 19, 2018. Special Issue DVD release date: August 23, 2018.

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