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Leading up to the posthumous release of Rick Parfitt’s upcoming debut album Over and Out, earMUSIC has released the lyric video for the second single “Long Distance Love.”

Watch and listen here.

The song is now available as an IG track as part of the album pre-order as well as on all streaming services at iTunes and Spotify.

Chris Wolstenholme of Muse features on the track. It was written by John David, who previously wrote a number of hits for Status Quo, including the UK top 10 single “Rollin’ Home,” which the band performed on the Aquostic: Live at The Roundhouse album.

Wolstenholme was asked to replicate one of Parfitt’s guitar lines and of the task, he said, “Take it from me — it was harder than anyone would imagine. Rick’s strength as a player was his immediately recognizable style; very staccato, like his left hand was constantly bouncing off the strings. It’s very hard to do, and I’ve never seen anyone else do it quite like him. But then, there never was anyone quite like Rick.”

The upcoming album Over and Out is but the latest element of the incredible legacy and body of work that Rick Parfitt leaves. It’s a testament to his talent, his winning way with words, an incredible joie de vivre and a spirit that never flagged. He’ll be missed, but Over and Out, due for a release on March 23, 2018, is a great way to remember him.

Gone but not forgotten.


  1. Good one! I have a man-crush on Chris Wolstenholme, so it’s good to hear him on this track.

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