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Century Media celebrates its 30th anniversary as a groundbreaking hard rock and metal label with the launch of . The store is complete with reissued vinyl and exclusive metal-related merch, as part of a year-long celebration. The exclusive 30th anniversary vinyl available at launch includes iconic reissues of In This Moment’s Blood,  Lacuna Coil’s Karmacode, Suicide Silence’s The Black Crown, and No Time To Bleed. Check out the exclusive 30th anniversary items HERE – stay tuned for more throughout 2018!

Since its inception, Century Media has been at the forefront of hard rock and metal. From the label’s earliest death metal and hardcore origins, to precipitating the rise of countless sub-genres including black metal, metalcore and deathcore, the label is home to career artists including Behemoth, Iced Earth and Napalm Death. With A&R departments in the company’s Los Angeles and Dorthumd, Germany headquarters, Century Media has remained a step ahead of the competition.

Three decades in, Century Media – now part of Sony’s RED MUSIC- is entering its most exciting phase to date. With millions of records sold around the globe, Century has become a player in the active rock radio world with the likes of Fozzy and Josh Todd and The Conflict. Meanwhile, metal legends including Arch Enemy and At The Gates, as well as newcomers Tribulation and Watain, continue to strengthen Century Media’s grip on the hard and heavy. From its roots in the underground to new levels of diversity and success, Century Media has proven that it is here to stay.


Since 1988, Century Media Records has been a force within the hard rock and metal market. With a worldwide legacy that has launched the careers of artists as lauded as In This Moment and Lacuna Coil, as well as genre trailblazers including Suicide Silence and Shadows Fall, the German-founded Century Media Records is entering its third decade with the same sense of volume and vision it was founded on.

RED MUSIC, a newly created Sony Music label group founded in 2017. RED MUSIC is home to a diverse roster of Sony Music artists, drawing from joint venture brands and partners like Century Media, Z Entertainment, Disruptor Records, Triple Tigers, 88 Classic and Weekday Records. RED MUSIC is home to a robust division of label services that support the label group roster.  These services include radio promotion, advertising, publicity, brand partnerships, digital marketing, influencer marketing and creative services.


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