The countdown has begun as Devilstrip (comprised of Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Marc Wasmund, Bassist Graig Lindgren and Drummer Jimmy Gray) is making final tweaks on its sophomore effort, Testify, which is scheduled for release this month on Broken Road Records. We caught up with Lindgren in the studio for an exclusive update on the band’s progress.

Congratulations on signing with Broken Road Records! How have things been working out with the new partnership?

GRAIG LINDGREN: Yeah, thanks! We were initially approached by Jay at Broken Road Records and started a conversation. Their whole team was really into our music, what we stood for, and where we wanted to take this thing in the future. You’d think that that would be a given but in this business, it is not. This deal makes good sense for us right now and we are really excited to release Testify worldwide very soon.

Tell me about the new album…How is “Testify” a progression from your debut, “Rise”?

GL: First off, we are fiercely proud of Rise. It sounds exactly how we were at that time and the songs still hold up three years later. Now this new album, Testify, is literally the best thing I have ever worked on — from the song quality, to the performances, to the production/engineering — I can’t say enough! There are literally no weaknesses. We keep saying “all killer, no filler,” and it’s so true here. In discussing which songs could be singles, we are up to six right off the bat. That’s out of 10 songs! In regards to the process, we are not finished; we still have a couple weeks left.

Saw that there was a video teaser put out!

GL: We didn’t release the teaser, that video was recorded by a fan in the crowd last week when we opened for Saliva at the House of Blues in Cleveland!  We’ve started integrating Testify’s songs into our live sets. The response we’ve been getting to the new stuff has been unbelievably positive! Who could ask for more? (Credit: Mr.ParadigmRG)

What are the band’s plans after release? Touring? “Testify” Release Party?

GL: After the release we’ll go into “push” mode. The goal every single day will be to get it into as many ears as we possibly can, by any means! We’ll probably do a story-telling type of release party for our local die-hard fans, quite possibly on Facebook Live for all to enjoy. As far as touring, we’d love to. We truly believe in our heart-of-hearts that this album will take us places we’ve never been before – in every sense of the phrase. We’re super-stoked for the next steps on our journey. And, we’ve got some really good walking shoes on!


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