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Falling into THE FALLEN STATE!

The Fallen State have opened for Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm, and 3 Doors Down


WHO: The Fallen State


  • Ben Stenning  – Vocals
  • Jon Price – Guitar
  • Dan Oke – Guitar
  • Greg Butler – Bass
  • Rich Walker – Drums

WHERE: United Kingdom

ABOUT: The Fallen State was formed in the Autumn of 2013 when five young men with a mutual love for powerful, anthemic and beautifully executed rock found themselves in a room together. For these guys, togetherness isn’t just a dream, but a reality. They have that extra, indescribable ‘musical magic’ tattooed across their songs, the artistic ink of five individuals harmonized into something greater than the parts. The Fallen State have opened for Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm, and 3 Doors Down and will be playing in the 2017 Download Festival.


What would you say that your band has to offer that is different from what is out there?    

We really are what we say we are. We are genuine with our music and who we are. We are five people from the same place who play music together we could never do apart. The Fallen State is a representation of that. The music industry can be a lonely place but not for us!

What would you say is the essence behind your band, The Fallen State?

“Essence” is a difficult word to pin down … perhaps the best way to describe it is this… you know that feeling when you are at a show, in your car or out training?… and the music starts… and then the song kicks in hard… and you are completely wrapped up in that moment and sensation and feel exhilarated… that is the thing that unites us.

Naturally any group of five people have different views and tastes… but we all feel that moment deeply and try to capture that in every one of our songs.

How do you compete in today’s market?

At its core… the same way artists always have done; we work hard and try to love everything we do! Yes, there are different tools available to us than artists in the past such as social media and streaming services… however, this can make it more fun as you get a chance to interact with the people who enjoy you music on a more personal level.

We never like to disappear and be quiet… probably a good thing for a rock band!

Describe your music. What do you want it to convey?

Everything we feel… positive and negative emotions graffiti-ed on a harmonic wall of guitars founded on solid, powerful grooves!

It always feels best when we make the style, harmony, melody and rhythm of the music enforce the message and lyrics of the song. Ultimately, it adds more meaning to the songs for us and hopefully everyone who listens! For example, on our current ‘View from Ruin’ EP there is a song called ‘Sleepless’ that is about the way your mind works with insomnia… the music is abrupt and bouncing with some dissonant harmonies that capture that vibe. Alternatively, the single ‘Nova’ is all about loss and we looked to capture bittersweet memories by moving through those major/minor chord shifts.

Define some of the goals for the band.

Obviously, we want to achieve as much as we positively can… and then a bit! We are incredibly grateful for what we have already done… this just inspires to write better songs and give bigger and better shows.

Oh, and shiny gear… love guitars and amps and getting to play more of them is must!


Anything else you would like to add?

Over the last four years we have done five EPs to keep the creativity flowing and also to constantly be putting new music out there for people to enjoy. We are proud of what we have crafted and are excited that we are putting work in to our first album. We can guarantee it will be a huge step up, so watch this space!


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