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Giving thanks for Scars From Rain!

Showcasing their epic power ballads and heavy metal tracks, Scars From Rain released their first 4 Track EP, Birthright, in March 2016.

band pic 1
SCARS FROM RAIN, from left, Jose, Mike, Stefan, Grace, Felipe (Photo: Charlotte Weddell Photography)

WHO: Scars From Rain


Mike King – Vocals
Grace Hamylton – Bass
Jose Baptista – Guitar
Stefan Zinonos – Guitar
Felipe González – Drums

WHERE: London, England, United Kingdom

ABOUT: Scars From Rain was founded in London in 2013. They are a classy hard rock band with soulful vocals, great tunes and a polished production. Their debut single, “Paradise,” was released in February 2015 for download. Showcasing their epic power ballads and heavy metal tracks, Scars From Rain released their first 4 Track EP, Birthright, in March 2016.


What would you say that your band has to offer that is different from what is out there?    

We’re quite a blend of a few different sounds and principles. We come from different backgrounds, ranging from more commercial hard rock and metal bands, to some more progressive, technical and heavier ones. Somehow, it all comes together really well.

We have a strong level of musical and technical proficiency as well as the softer touch to create interesting melodies that people can remember. We don’t really hold any limits as to what we’ll do music-wise.

What would you say is the essence behind your band, Scars From Rain?

We’re a live, loud and crazy, heavy rock band from London that can’t just be seen and heard; we have to be experienced.

It’s five different outlooks on music, but still there’s a coming together for a common goal; to make great music. The age range between us means that, in our influences, we’re not just looking at one specific type of song.

It’s harder to get people interested in one genre any more. Gone are the days when it was just Grunge, for example, on top. Now you have to offer more of a menu to keep your fans and try to turn casual music fans into your fans.

We have the passion, energy, desire and the ideas to do it and we want to be your band, the one you discover and follow all the way.


How do you compete in today’s market?

Try to have a mix of songs that sound fresh but along the lines of bands that remind your fans of you, without completely stealing gimmicks.

You need, as a band, to turn yourself on in the way you play and the songs you record. If we can’t convince ourselves that a song is strong enough to be a hit, we won’t convince an audience.

So, we’re very careful as to what we put out there, be it live performances, clips from rehearsals and/or images. It’s trying to make “Scars From Rain” stand out, to catch the eye of someone that will latch on and stick with us.

band pic 2
SCARS FROM RAIN, from left, Stefan, Felipe, Mike, Grace, Jose

Describe your music. What do you want it to convey?

The EP sums up the band, good entertaining music, in your face, with strong lyrics and five musicians just going for it. We want to make this band as strong as possible and as big as we can.

“Flatlining” was designed to kick arse and make people listen, “Light Within My Misery” keeps that feeling going and the video was made to see and hear that feeling.

“Over You” is the feeling of someone, or something, pressing your self-destruct button, because we have all had those days, but there’s always the want and desire to fight back against it.

“Paradise” rounds things off by slowing it down, a little bit, but we hope the listener comes away from this EP knowing they’ve heard something that makes them want to come back for more.

Define some of the goals for the band.

We are constantly challenging ourselves and pushing for the best possible music we can create. Birthright is a badge of honor and a standard we will all follow and aim to surpass.

Anything else you would like to add?

Stay tuned, we’re only getting started!


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