Song of the Week

Song of the Week

Fear Me December's "Fly, Fight, Dream" is our Song of the Week! Get ready to be blown away!



Fly, Fight, Dream by FEAR ME DECEMBER

Star 5

Trust me, this is a band you wish you could give 10 stars to! Introducing Fear Me December!

Fear Me December’s roots began in Argentina in 2012. The band, which includes Vocalist/Bassist Victoria (aka Lintu Doll) and Guitarist/Background Vocalist Valentín Macagno, are currently based in Manchester, England, United Kingdom and have toured extensively in support of the full-length album, Between Violence and Silence.

While the members describe the band’s sound as Alternative Rock, Fear Me December is so much more.  Take a listen to this duo and wonder why they haven’t been signed to a major label yet. A complete review of the band’s album is coming up this week.


              Victoria (Lintu Doll) & Valentín Macagno of FEAR ME DECEMBER




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